When it Rains 4/?

Warning: Some actual Jake/John in this Jake/John fic!

“A-Ahh… AH-CHOO!” Jake attempted to muffle his sneeze as he rummaged through his DVD collection. Blast it all. Who thought staying in his soaked clothes and not bothering to change would cause a cold? Yeah okay it was pretty foolish not to change immediately, but he was still covered in muck. What’s the point of ruining a good pair of clean shorts? It’s simply barbaric!

            He pushed the thought of having a cold aside. Being in a downpour for only a couple minutes wouldn’t make him bed ridden! No sir! Jake English is made out of tougher stuff than that! No need for any cough medicine of any sort for this young lad!

            Wow. He really rambled there for a while. The hiss of the water pipes caught his attention away from his ongoing rant. Right. A movie fit for two new friends to be acquainted by. Golly. So many choices. What if he picks the wrong movie? No! He has to pick the right one! The fate of their friendship depends on it!

            Jake smiles at his National Treasure DVD and places it onto the couch.

            “Why didn’t I think of it before? It’s the perfect movi-KA-CHOO!” Wiping his nose with his sleeve, Jake decided that tea would be a good idea at the moment.

            After a good 10 minutes, John was back down stairs and headed to the couch. Jake smiled as he watched his new buddy obviously eyeing the DVD that was on the couch.

            “No way! This movie is great! I’m so in a Nicholas Cage mood you have no idea!” The intern beamed as he opened the case and put the glorious disk into the DVD player.

            “Marvelous!” Jake grabbed the two plates of pumpkin pie and headed towards the couch. “Unfortunately, I seem to have run out of popcorn and snacks of that nature. However, I do have pie if you are interested!” He dropped onto the couch, leaned back against the soft cushions and handed one of the plates to John. The intern grabbed the offered pastry and relaxed onto the couch as well.

            John eyed the pie warily, but was taken aback by the sweet cinnamon smell. ‘It’s not cake!’ the intern mentally reminds himself as he takes a hesitant bite. Before the movie begins, Jake pulls two blankets from behind the couch and hands one of them to John.

            “It gets really cold here during the evening hours. Might as well get comfy right?” Jake said as he nuzzled into his own blanket. John took the offered blanket and wow was it warm! Blankets were indeed a good idea. Good movie Jake. The two sat shoulder to shoulder as the fantastic movie began.

            A couple hours later and a few adventure movies later, John’s hazy mind can’t comprehend how he got into this position. During the movies, he somehow maneuvered himself to be lying on Jake’s chest and very close to falling asleep. Who could blame him? Jake was extremely warm and surprisingly very comfortable. His droopy body just couldn’t help itself.

            Jake: Resist urge to pet John’s hair.

            He failed at that command because wow John’s hair feels really soft and nice. The first pet was hesitant, unsure if the other young man would push him away. However, the intern sighed and had a dreamy smile as he snuggled closer, encouraging the jungle boy to continue. This was way too nice. The warmth of Jake’s rising chest, the silkiness of John’s hair. The two were coated in an aura of sweet bliss.

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